Project Brief

The AVATAR Real Time Monitoring project (Avatar RTM) aims at developing one network that allows the real time recording, transmission (two-directional) and  analysis of physiological parameters from subjects exposed to the remote and hostile environmental condition that characterizes the high altitude expedition.  This project is a concrete application of a larger research project of the DAN Europe Foundation (DAN) called “SkiScubaSpace” (SSS),  that has the objective of investigating similarities and differences of human exposure and sport performance in extreme conditions.

Skills Needed

The project’s findings and results could have a real impact on several fields of human physiology and pathophysiology. Avatar RTM uses modern and sophisticated wearable technology to capture physiological data, that are transmitted to a specific APP to have a real time feedback about personal ECG, breath frequency, body position and GEO-localization. The data transfer happens via satellite connection, which also allows to send alerts in case of emergency.