Dan Europe DSL (Diving Safety Laboratory) is a permanent research laboratory, operating since 1994 in the field of medicine and diving physiology, with the objective of making diving a much safer and accident-free recreational activity.  The DAN Europe Research realized that the best way to collect such a large number of data was to actively involve the divers in the research. Thus came the idea of generating specific training programs on-line, aimed at all divers wanting to become DAN Research Diver and learn to record their dives precisely and efficiently, in order to “donate” them to research best applying the concept of Citizen Science. Currently, DAN is able to rely on a program called Diving Safety Laboratory training containing a significant amount of information which will be useful to compare future findings against current survey results.

The DAN Europe training Research standards relating to the Diving Safety Laboratory are meant to establish a series of guidelines to optimize the individual roles and the skills by providing a set of minimum prerequisites for admission to and training at the various DAN DSL  Researcher courses.

The training for DAN Researcher will enable the individual to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to independently operate on the DAN portal called Diver Safety Guardian (DSG) in collecting, recording and forwarding data to the DAN Europe Research database.