The projects that represent the core business of DAN -Europe R&I are all focused on the collection of physiological and environmental data in subjects relocated to the medical team and the possibility of using them in real time in telemedicine even from remote environments.

Advanced Virtually Assisted Telemedicine in Adverse Remoteness

“DAN AVATAR Project” was created to guarantee an innovative way to deal with underwater medical assistance even in remote areas, guaranteeing the medical staff of the DAN Europe operations center access to dive data and to the physiological data of subjects requiring medical assistance IN REAL TIME even in remote areas.

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Dan Sense

Development of devices for data recording

The Dive Sense project proposes very small devices that the diver brings with him during the dive capable of recording with extreme precision the variations in depth, the speed of descent and ascent, the time spent at the various altitudes reached, the temperature of the water, the position of the body in the water and the geolocation of the subject.

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For the collection of sensitive medical data

Starting from the background of the Foundation, which over 35 years collects data on diving and diving accidents, DAN R&I is able to provide a complete service from the creation of a data acquisition platform to their use for scientific and commercial purposes, passing through their real time analysis.

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The training program for the PADI / DAN Basic Research Diver and Operator course is aimed at divers and freedivers, who wish to actively participate in research by learning to record the dives of other divers / freedivers accurately and efficiently and submit them for research at Project AWARE and DAN Europe Research.

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On the one hand, the sea, with its resources to love and protect; on the other, man, with his innate desire to explore the depths with increasingly advanced technologies, but also with the limitations imposed by physics and physiology. It is in this context that HYDRA Research Project was born, a new and ambitious research project created by PADI EMEA, DAN Europe and SUEX.

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Medical and / or scientific tests on products for use in extreme environments

DAN Europe R&I also performs tests on products intended for use in all types of environments and sports including extreme and remote ones.

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