The H-earth Sabino Scardi project was born from the desire of the Milanese lawyer Marina Scardi to finance a project to develop the ability to monitor, record, analyze and send real-time data on the heart activity of subjects who carry out activities in an underwater environment. The link between DAN R&I and the Scardi family stems from the fact that his father Marino Scardi was a well-known cardiologist who lived in the era of the older generation of doctors who did not have modern diagnostic tools and therefore used to make diagnoses with little data. disposition, a situation very similar to that which occurs when a person has to be rescued in a remote environment.

Marina and her family are also diving experts, and from these two links (cardiological and underwater) a project was born that fits perfectly into the essential aims of Del DAN-AVATAR project.

The study has generated a significant acceleration of Dan-R & I projects, allowing the purchase of wearable components essential for recording and transmitting cardio-vascular signals, as well as integrating wearable instruments with real-time analysis transmission systems.

Already in these first steps of collaboration they have highlighted a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial applications of the products under development, achievable through joint work in the sector of bi-directional telemedicine services intended for critical environments.

It clearly emerges that among the many physiological parameters that can be recorded in these conditions, the monitoring of the heart-lung axis becomes the essential element both for monitoring for sporting and / or recreational purposes and for the management of any emergencies.

In detail, the project aims to:

  • To develop the technology capable of recording cardiological and pulmonary data in extreme environments with and without the use of wearable technology.
  • Develop the technology capable of transmitting data in real-time with and without the use of wearable technology
  • Develop algorithms capable of identifying emergency situations
  • Develop the database for collecting these data for scientific purposes
  • Develop the integration and usability of this data in real time from the DAN Europe R&I intelligent emergency center active 24/7 to manage emergencies