DAN Europe R&I carries out tests to investigate the presence of side effects related to the use of products used in the practice of diving, some of these will subsequently be placed on the market also under the brand of DAN Europe Research and Innovation. Immersion, for example, is accompanied by an increase in diuresis (especially in apnea) which results in direct and continuous contact between urinary fluids with the suit and with the skin.

In addition to skin irritation, the combination with neoprene creates a characteristic odor reported by many as highly unpleasant. It follows the need for careful disinfection of personal equipment and especially in diving where equipment is rented and for this purpose dedicated products have been created that have been subjected to tests on their tolerance on the skin and on their effect on the reduction of bad odor. .

In the first phase, twenty (20) divers recruited within a scientific cruise carried out in the Maldives by the scientific group of DAN Europe Research were investigated. This allowed the subjects to be available to perform the tests several times a day and for several consecutive days. All subjects had to be FREE of pre-existing acute and chronic dermatological diseases and cognitive deficits that could prevent the understanding and appropriate training necessary for the execution of the protocol. (Protocol details attached). Other products of the same line as antifog for the mask have been tested to evaluate the absence of irritation to the eyes. In fact, the mask having glass lenses and having to guarantee the effect for at least an hour, requires a higher concentration of product than the classic anti-fog products for swimming goggles and this could cause irritation during the dive. This product has also been studied with the protocol followed for disinfectants (see attachment).

DAN Europe R&I has also performed tests on antioxidant products because it is known how these products can have effects on the reduction of the formation of inert gas bubbles after scuba diving, the results of which will be announced as soon as possible.

Some of these products are then marketed, in agreement with the manufacturers, with the indication “tested by DAN Europe R&I” the purpose of this initiative due to the nature of our start-up is to economically help research on the one hand but even more important is to give life to a “citizen science” process for each of these products. In fact, all subjects who purchase these products receive a questionnaire to contribute themselves to the collection of information by increasing the value of the preliminary data obtained with first tests.




Eliminates odors for diving suits Specific composition for the elimination of unpleasant odors from diving suits. With high neutralizing power, it also performs a sanitizing and sanitizing action. [...]